Dr. Uday Tamhankar

Dr. Uday Tamhankar
Dr. Uday Tamhankar

Dr. Uday Tamhankar is a name in Indian dentistry that represents dedication, perseverance and commitment. Having specialized in the field of dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, anaesthesia and implants; he has transformed dental practices from intimidating to absolutely comfortable experiences. This name that has been doing the rounds for the sheer brilliance that is associated with it had started off as a Gold Medallist from Mumbai University. His field back then was Anatomy. He has had several contributions to the society as a medical practitioner. Let us take a look at his services to people and the world around:

As a social server

Doctors are usually known to serve where there is money involved because modern medicine is expensive and treatments are proving to be money-making ventures for most health practitioners. But when it comes to Dr. Uday, it is a completely different story. He has been in the field for a decade and in these ten years he has helped people in backward areas of Palghar to attend free dental check-ups and treatments. Apart from serving backward areas, he has also been a leading name in free dental camps for schools like St. Francis, St. Xavier’s etc.

Incorporating quality in dentistry

Dental work needs to be hygienic and a dentist needs to keep himself updated with the latest information in the field. This doctor believes in doing this and more. He ensures that dental treatments are rendered keeping quality as the first priority. Dental crowning, bridges and dental manufacturing are procedures for which he ensures world class equipments, premium quality and unparalleled services at unbelievably affordable costs. Dr. Uday Tamhankar also ensures that the time taken for these procedures is lesser than other places.

Additions to dentistry

Dr. Uday Tamhankar has ensured that the clinics established by him are always kept updated with the latest developments in the world. His Borivali clinic boasts of an O.P.G. machine that helps in a full mouth X-Ray and three U.V. Sterilisers. The latest addition to his clinical equipment is a laser dentistry machine that enables bloodless gum surgery and other procedures in a simplistic manner.

Free medical assistance

Dr. Uday Tamhankar’s contributions are not limited to free camps in backward areas and schools only. He also serves the senior citizens of our country who cannot afford expensive dental treatments. After fifty to sixty years of age, our dental capacities tend to decline and regular maintenance is necessary to keep our bodies functioning normally. People who have retired and do not have pensions and those who have not earned enough to save for medical costs tend to ignore dental requirements. He reaches out to them and helps them with free check-ups and treatments.

It is no surprise that Dr. Uday Tamhankar is a leading name in dentistry today. He is a true visionary who has touched every strata of society through his nature of work. His persistence and his dedication have made him and his clinics famous in the city of Mumbai. His drive to keep himself and his establishments upgraded and in tune with latest developments in dentistry makes him a pioneer in the field.